How the Mistakes Were Made

Laura Loss used to be the bass player for Second Class Citzens (SCC). A band that Laura’s brother, Anthony and his friends formed. That was years ago before the fans turned on them.

Now, Laura works at a coffee shop and bassist for the Cooler Heads. It was during one of the Cooler Heads shows that Laura first met Sean and Nathan. Laura tells Sean and Nathan that if they ever want to get serious about their music than give her a call.

Months go by before Laura receives that call. Soon afterwards, Laura, Sean and Nathan are a band. They call themselves The Mistakes. This is because they kind of were a mistake. The band rocket to instant fame but than an unfortunate incident transpires and the band is torn apart.

I have to admit that this book is not something that I would have typically picked out of a bookstore to read. Though, when the publisher emailed me and was raving about this book, I decided to take a chance. Again, not that I usually base what type of books I will read based on readers thoughts. In this case, I did. Glad, I did as this book was just as good as the publisher promised it was.

This book was about the lives of rock and rock stars but it was also more. The characters and Mr. McMahon’s writing is what propelled this book to stardom for me. Laura, Sean and Nathan each brought something different to the story. Laura with her experience. Sean with his musical gift and hot headiness. Nathan for his ability to be a leader. I really felt for these three. Of course, after reading what they had to put up with getting started as a new no name band and the fans, I will just enjoy the music and leave the rock fame to others.


Unknown said…
Great review! Not a book I would usually pick up either but your review may change my mind.

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