Author Ben Loory and Bigfoot (Yes, he does exist!)

You have got to check out this interview between Bigfoot and author, Ben Loory. It is priceless. Also, you can read my review on Stories for Nightime and Some for the Day here.

by Ben Loory
A man is walking through the woods, when suddenly he sees Bigfoot.

Holy cow! the man thinks. Bigfoot!

Bigfoot sees him and runs away.

The man chases Bigfoot through the woods for a long time. He chases him for hours and hours. Finally, he gets close enough to leap—which he does. Bigfoot comes crashing to the ground.

I've got him! the man thinks, as he ties Bigfoot's feet. I've got him! I got him! I caught Bigfoot!

Almost instantaneously, the man becomes a celebrity. People from TV come to his house.

How does it feel to have captured Bigfoot? they say.

It feels good, says the man. Really good!

A lot of people didn't think that Bigfoot really existed, the people say and then wait for a response.

Well, says the man, I guess now they know!

And everybody laughs and claps their hands.

To read the rest of this story, click here


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