This book is Lethal to your sleeping habits

Honor Gillette is in the kitchen decorating cupcakes, when her four year old daughter, Emily comes in and tells Honor that there is a man in the yard. Honor goes outside to check on the man and before she can blink, the man hops up and holds a gun to her throat. The man is Lee Coburn. A mass murderer on the loose. As the police are closing in, Lee, Honor and Emily lead the authorities on a chase.

It has been a while since I have read a book by Ms. Brown. After reading this book, I will not let time pass between books. Lethal had me hooked from the beginning. I literally was carrying this book around the house with me reading just a little more until I had read the very last word. This book is Lethal to your sleeping habits as you just might not get any sleep!

Though, I could tell where the story line was going, it was the twists and turns that had me. Honor may be a kidnap victim but this did not stop her from trying to still fight back and escape. Do not mistake a mother’s love for her child as weakness. When you put a mother in a situation like this, she is like a tigress…waiting for the perfect moment to attack her prey. Lee was the wild card in the book. I can not really explain why without giving away any spoilers.


I have neglected Sandra Brown lately as well. This sounds like the book to get me back.

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