The Pentacle Pendant

Review by Nancy

The White Mountains of New Hampshire hold more than beautiful trees, universities and other delights. They also hold things best left unspoken. When Claire meets Lukas at the college bar on her twenty-fourth birthday, she was immediately smitten. He was nice, good looking and obviously swept away by her. What more can you ask for your birthday?

A bit more, as it turns out. Lukas is so in love/lust that he gives Claire a birthday gift she can’t return. He makes her like him – a werewolf. Not only a werewolf, but one who takes justice into his own….well….fangs. He sees people who are cruel, unlawful and otherwise goodness-impaired and takes them out. Claire can’t understand the whole thing for awhile, but then realizes she can’t go back to the beginning and get a “do-over” so she goes along.

Their time together is full of love and love making. Claire learns more about her new abilities and then, right in the middle of it all; Lukas’ professor enters the picture. A looker named Daciana who is a lot more than she seems. Lukas turns up missing as do many of the people in Claire’s life. Seems Daciana has a gift of her own!

This is a page-turner of great proportion! Mr. DeBrock has a good cast of characters, a plot worthy of chills and a book for by-the-fire reading. Claire is a captivating heroine.


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