Ghost Trackers

Back in high school, Amber, Drew and Trevor were good friends. They had all hear rumors of the Lowry House but they decided to check the house out for themselves. It was a night that they will never forget. Something evil was lurking into the house waiting for them. They barely escaped.

Now, fifteen years later, Amber, Drew and Trevor reunite for their high school reunion. The house may be gone but the evil still lurks. Only this time the evil wants Amber, Drew and Trevor for good.

I have watched a few episodes of Ghost Hunters, so I knew what Jason and Grant encounter. I thought this book would be about a real life situation that they dealt with. I was wrong; though I am sure they could stumble across a situation like this. This book is fiction. I would say this book was more on the horror side than it was scary. This is why I was disappointed not because I did not like the story or the characters but I was expecting to be scared and have to keep looking over my shoulder, which neither happened. Amber, Drew and Trevor played well off each other’s weakness and strengths.


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