Edward and his brother Allard can remember their father telling them stories of Canada and the polar bears. He would talk for hours and they would go over a map. It got to be to the point that Ed and Allard decided that they could state from one frozen river to the next, until they made their way to Canada. On the day that Allard and Ed set out , they came upon a girl in trouble. The girl had fallen though the ice into the icy water. Ed and Allard saved her. The girl is named Sarah. From this day forward, the three were inseparable. Though, Sarah and Allard became just a little closer. Sarah even declared that one day she and Allard would marry. Every thing changed, one day, when a tragic event took place.

The World As We Know It is the first book I have read by Mr. Monninger. Wow. Wow. Wow. This book is breath-taking, glorious and a wonderful story of life, love, friends and family bonds. I started this book and literally a few hours later, I had finished it. Allard, Sarah and Ed were great. Of course, I also loved their parents as well. Mr. Monninger makes me want to stay in Baker River forever. This book is broken out into three parts. With each part adding to the story. The first section focuses on when Ed, Allard and Sarah all met and at this time they were just young teens. Also, at this time, Allard and Sarah experience teenage love which later progresses to more. I can always tell when I am emotionally invested in a character or the story line, when something tragic happens and I start to tear up. This book ended on a high note. The World As We Know It is a recommended read. I will be telling all my friends about this book, though they are going to have to get a copy for themselves as I am not sharing mine.


Marie said…
This sounds really good. I read his other book "Eternal on the Water" and absolutely loved it. I'll have to check out this one.

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