The Book of Spies

Eva Blake was sent to prison for the murder of her husband.

Tucker Anderson works for the CIA. He is interested in locating the Library of Gold. It was rumored that Ivan the Terrible buried this impressive collection of books from Poetry to Aristophanes under the Kremlin. Many people searched for it but never found it. Recently a book titled The Book of Spies appeared in a museum in London, England. The Book of Spies supposed came from the Library of Gold.

Tucker offers Eva a deal. If she locates the true destination of the Library of Gold and she walks out of prison with her record wiped clean. It is too good of an offer for Eva to pass up.

Judd Ryder has been hired by Anderson to keep an eye on Eva and make sure she accomplishes her mission. It is easier said then done, if Judd can stay alive. Can he and Eva stay one step ahead of the men who are after them?

The Book of Spies will have you on the edge of your seat! I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have never read anything by Ms. Lynds until now. For a fan of mystery thrillers this is sad. Lucky, I will be rectifying this problem very soon. I devoured this book. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and really enjoyed a spy novel. The Book of Spies is Ms. Lynds first spy novel in a brand new series. Eva and Judd fit together like two puzzle pieces. They fed off each other’s intelligence and abilities that the other one possessed. You better put in your running shoes as Eva and Judd will have you racing across the pond in full speed. Also beware the many twists and turns along the way. The Book of Spies is not to be missed!


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