Uncertain Magic

Roderica Delamore has a very unique and special talent. She can hear the thoughts of both people and animals. Roddy’s gift can come in handy sometimes but most times it is a hinderous. People think of her as different and not in a good way.

It is while at the horse races that Roddy has her first up close and personal encounter with The Devil Earl, Lord Faelan Savigar. Lord Faelan admires Roddy’s fierceness. This is part of the reason why a courtship starts with her and later asks for her hand in marriage. Though it appears that Faelan has a secret of his won. How will Roddy react to the news?

Uncertain Magic is a re-release with a brand new cover. I never read this book when it was originally released. I so thought this book sounded really good but sadly it didn’t win me over. It seemed intriguing at first but it moved slowly for me. I put this book down and when I came back to it, I couldn’t quite make myself become interested again. Roddy and Faelan did share some sparks.


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