The Missionary

Married couple, David and his wife, Christie Eller has spent years in Caracas, Venezuela trying to care for the children and educate the locals. It has not been an easy road. At times it can also feel like unrewarding work. Lately this is how David has been feeling.

While helping some children, David meets a stranger with a helping hand. A few days later the same man comes and pays a visit to Hope Village. The place that the Ellers are working at. The man identifies himself as Carlos Edwards. He proposes a deal with David that will make everything she has been working for well worth while. The current president Armando Guzman is not very well liked. Before David knows it, he is caught in a vicious war…one that could cost him and everything he holds dear.

The Missionary blew me away. I had no expectations of this book, only that the brief book description I read intrigued me. I instantly was transported to the country of Venezuela. It was like I could feel the dirt working itself in and through out my clothes. David and Christie were a very lovable and caring couple. You couldn’t help but cheer for them and the cause they were fighting for, even if no one else was. It takes a lot of courage, something that the Ellers did not lack. Authors, William Carmichael and David Lambert make a winning duo. I have not read anything by either of these men. I hope to see Mr. Carmichael and Mr. Lambert collaborate on another novel together.


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