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Star of Canadian Hit Series "CARLAWOOD" Garners Early Praise For First Book

LOS ANGELES - May 12, 2010 - Actress, comic and writer, Carla Collins released "Angels,
Vampires, and Douche Bags" through Burman Books on May 1, 2010. Described as the world's
first comedic motivational book, it has been well-received and garnered early praise as this year's hottest summer read. "Angels, Vampires, and Douche Bags" is available through, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Chapters stores.

In this candid confessional, Collins divides the world into the angels who guide us, inspire us, and save our butts; the sexy and trendy vampires who suck the life out of us; and the douche bags who constantly annoy, disgust and taunt us. With a fast wit, fake breasts and real heart, she shares her unconventional journey from a small steel town in Ontario, Canada to Tinseltown - L.A.

On this wild and revealing romp, Collins navigates her way through seventy-two imaginary
friends, multiple fiancés, eight dogs, two marriages, and one topless grandmother. Her hard-
earned life lessons will show you that by taking risks, embracing humiliation and tapping into the power of laughter, anything is possible-and everyone is manageable. Attract more angels into your life, control your vampires, and keep all the douche bags at bay. "Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags" is original, edgy, uplifting and laugh-out-loud funny.

"Any book that combines 'doucheliciousness' with quotes from Carl Jung and Voltaire is a

tome of pure genius.With 'Angels, Vampires, and Douche Bags', Carla Collins reinvents
the self-help book by creating a hip and hilarious work we actually enjoy reading."
Eric Gruendemann, Producer "Xena Warrior Princess", "Hercules"

About the book:

Angels, Vampires, and Douche Bags by Carla Collins

ISBN: 978-1897404249

Publisher: Burman Books

Date of publish: May 2010

Pages: 200

S.R.P.: $15.95

About the author:

Collins is an award-winning actress, television host and writer. A gifted comedian, she has been hailed by the press as "The Queen of Comedy" and "Canada's Tina Fey". Collins performs

across North America, is currently a regular at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, and on tour with the renowned "Hot Tameles". Her hysterical, hit television series "CARLAWOOD" has
been hailed by viewers and critics alike and will launch its second season on May 31, 2010.
"Angels, Vampires, and Douche Bags" is Collins' first book.

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