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Detectives Don't Wear Seat Belts

By Cici McNair, P.I.

PHILADELPHIA - May 12, 2010 - Never a Southern belle, Cici McNair escaped Mississippi, and all expectations of what she should be, to travel the world. Whether working at the Vatican in Rome or consorting with gunrunners in Haiti or Iran, she lived
a life of international adventure. After years in Europe, Cici returned to New York where
she found herself broke and fashionably starving to death in a chic Murray Hill
apartment. She impulsively decides to become a private detective.

Diligently working her way through the Manhattan Yellow Pages, calling every listing
under 'investigator, private,' Cici soon learns that the fraternity of P.I.'s is made up almost exclusively of former law enforcement officers. They are, by nature, a highly suspicious group and are especially wary of a newcomer with an untraceable past. She soldiers on, calling, courting rejection and, finally, on April Fools' Day, she gets a chance to prove herself. From day one she's working side-by-side with larger-than-life characters, using her energy and wits to survive in a brand new world.

Being a private detective is as exciting and liberating as she ever dreamed, from creating
a false identity on the spot to surviving adrenaline-rushing car chases. One summer she
returns to Mississippi to work for an ex-homicide detective who schools her in rural detectivery. Her memories of childhood rush back at her. Cici criss crosses the state, working cases, with her 84 year old mother riding shotgun in 'the perfect surveillance vehicle.' Months later, back in Manhattan, Cici joins a zany p.i. firm in Hell's Kitchen fighting counterfeiters. Working with law enforcement, she goes undercover, dealing with the ruthless Born to Kill gang in Chinatown and the Middle Eastern underworld west of Broadway.

Detailing real-life cases and introducing eccentric, thrill seeking characters, this action-packed memoir is as entertaining as any detective novel you've ever read.

About the book:

Detectives Don't Wear Seat Belts by Cici McNair

ISBN: 978-1599951878

Publisher: Center Street

Date of publish: Sept 23, 2009

Pages: 368

S.R.P.: $22.99

About the author:

Cici McNair, P.I. was born and grew up in Mississippi; she graduated from Briarcliff College in New York with a B.A. degree in American history. In Toronto, she worked as a researcher for CBC-TV's award winning documentary on organized crime called "Connections." In Rome, she was a news writer, on-air newscaster, and producer of documentaries for Vatican Radio; McNair is also a novelist writing under the name Clarissa McNair. GARDEN OF TIGERS and FLASH OF DIAMONDS were published before she decided to become a detective. After living in half a dozen different countries, she now resides in Philadelphia where she heads Green Star Investigations. Her firm handles all sorts of cases including counterfeit pharmaceuticals, missing persons, stolen art recovery, and murder. McNair also works as a court-appointed investigator handling both capital and non-capital cases.

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