Point Dume

My review:

Ellis Gardner is a wild child. She makes her own rules. One thing Ellis loves is catching a wave or two.

Pablo Schwartz is a good friend of Ellis’s. He has known her since he was about twelve years old. This is the same time he was first introduced to the world of illegal marijuana growing. It was from here that Pablo realized that there was a lot of money to be made in growing and selling marijuana.

Frank Joseph Bane III is married. Though this has now stopped him from having an affair with Ellis. He is also the owner of a vine yard.

Janice Bane admits that it has been a long time since she has gone a day where she wasn’t high.

Come see how these four characters lives intertwine with each other.

Author, Katie Arnoldi brings to light the harsh reality of illegal marijuana growing, all across the United States. Like Mrs. Arnoldi, I was clueless in regards to this subject matter. I knew of what marijuana and how it can make people act but nothing in regards to the process from start to finish on the growing process. I thought that Mrs. Arnoldi did a wonderful job show casing this problem the United States faces. It is a huge problem. One that I did not realize was so massive. The characters were real. They feel the same things we do…love, loss, scared, and pride. While I did enjoy this book and the picture Point Dume painted, I didn’t really connect with all the characters. I found Janie to be depressing and like an empty shell. Frank was kind of one note. Ellis showed some glimmer of hope but the stand out character to me was Pablo. He has a story to tell and he brought you into his world. Point Dume smells like a winner!


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