Watch out for White Heat!

Nate Ferrentino and Rachel Jessop work for a private security company called Department 6. Their latest assignment is to stop Ethan Wycliff and his loyal followers of the Church of the Covenant. Ethan has a thing for women. Ethan idolized Charles Mason. Ethan is just as ruthless as Mason. He had his followers attempt to stone a woman to death.

The mission is really risky but nothing that Rachel can’t handle. Of course things would be a lot better if Rachel didn’t have to pretend to be wife to Nate. Especially after that one night together a long time ago.

A young girl has also gone missing. Nate and Rachel believe that Ethan is responsible for her disappearance. The Arizona desert is a huge area and if Rachel and Nate aren’t careful, they could end up buried six feet under.

White Heat is the start of a brand new trilogy by Brenda Novak. The summer may be ending but there is still plenty of heat to be found in White Heat. Clear off time from your busy schedule as time will fly as you get lost in this book. Nate and Rachel sizzled together. There wasn’t a moment throughout this book that I wasn’t intently engrossed in what was happening with the story line and Rachel and Nate. Rachel is fearless, which is the quality I liked the most in her. Nate is your typical hero. He is tall, dark and easy on the eyes. He can rescue me any day. White Heat delivers…the passion, heat, and adrenaline! I already have the next two books on pre-order.


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