Inside Out

Seventeen year old, Trella works as a scrubber in the lower levels. Her job is to clean the pipes of rust and grime for the Uppers. Trella is always trying to find a way to escape from her duties and the lower levels. Trella has been known to fall asleep inside the pipes. The other scrubbers have a nick name for Trella. They call her “Queen of the Pipes”. Her best friend is named Cogan.

Cog has a new prophet for Trella to meet. His name is Broken Man. He is wheelchair bound. Broken Man used to live in the Uppers. He tells Trella that he has proof of that the Gateway is real. The Gateway is a portal to the outside world. Broken Man wants Trella to retrieve a disc from his apartment.

While crawling through the pipes, Trella falls through one of them. There is a boy in the room. Before Trella leaves, he calls out to her and tells her his name is Riley Narelle Ashon. Riley is an Upper.

Lt. Commander Karla is a POP Cop. She has her eye on Trella. Will Trella succeed with her mission or will she be recycled?

Inside Out is different in a good way from the Poison series that I have come to love from author, Maria V. Snyder. This new series may by focused towards teens but adults will enjoy this book as well. Mrs. Snyder has done it again and worked her magic on me. Inside Out is out of this world…spectacular! I can’t stop chanting Trella’s name. She is a born leader. She is smart and quick on her feet. She holds her own against the POP Cops. I am twisted in knots awaiting Outside In, the next book in this series.


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