The Journey Home

Joseph wakes up to find himself in a stranger’s home. He has no idea how he got there or where home is. Joseph leaves and takes off. Along the way he bumps into a young boy by the name of Will. Will tags along. Together Joseph and Will take a road trip…one they will never forget.

Warren’s mother, Antoinette is living in a nursing home. She is not doing well. Warren decides to reminisce about the past by cooking all of his mother’s famous recipes.

While spending time at the nursing home, Warren strikes up a friendship with Jan. Jan works at the nursing home.

The Journey Home is a feel good, comfort read. This is only the second novel I have read by Mr. Baron. I didn’t think he could get any better after reading When You Went Away but I was wrong. Michael Baron has gone on my list as a favorite author. You will fall in love with all of the characters in this story, just as I did. Each character has a great story to share. My favorite person was Warren. He was so caring towards his mother. He is the perfect son. He didn’t mind spending all day in her nursing home room, just remembering the good ode days and cooking up all his mother’s favorite recipes. I hope you will check out this book as it is well worth it. The Journey Home will make you long for home. The ending will have you in awe.


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