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The Babel Apocalypse (Songs of the Sage #1) Expected Publication Date: May 2nd, 2023 Genre: Sci-Fi/ Cyberpunk/ Dystopian Publisher: Nephilim Publishing “They who control language control everything.” A dystopian, cyberpunk, sci-fi odyssey that will make you think about language in a whole new way. Language is no longer learned, but streamed to neural implants regulated by lang-laws. Those who can’t afford language streaming services are feral, living on the fringes of society. Big tech corporations control language, the world’s most valuable commodity. But when a massive cyberattack causes a global language outage, catastrophe looms. Europol detective Emyr Morgan is assigned to the case. His prime suspect is Professor Ebba Black, the last native speaker of language in the automated world, and leader of the Babel cyberterrorist organization. But Emyr soon learns that in a world of corporate power, where those who control language control everything, all is not as it seems. As he and Ebba collide, Emyr faces an existential dilemma between loyalty and betrayal, when everything he once believed in is called into question. To prevent the imminent collapse of civilization and a global war between the great federations, he must figure out friend from foe—his life depends on it. And with the odds stacked against him, he must find a way to stop the Babel Apocalypse. "A perfect fusion of SF, thriller, and mystery—smart speculative fiction at its very best." - Kirkus Add to Goodreads Purchase Here

My Review
In the beginning, I did struggle a bit to find my footing with this book. It took a while before I found myself fully engaging with the story and the characters. However, once that happened, it was like a light bulb turning on. From that point on, I could not stop reading. This book was giving me Black Mirror vibes. That show not everything makes sense but at the same time it does. it makes you really think. that is what speculative fiction does. 

Ebba and Emyr are two complete opposites, but they work well together. Ebba believes in technology and therefore has a more open mind, whereas; Emyr questions things with an analytical mind. They work well together due to the balance. You have to have checks and balance or there will be chaos. I look forward to what Mr. Evans comes out with next. The characters in this book may speak different languages but they all say to not miss this book!

About the Author

Vyvyan Evans

Dr. Vyvyan Evans is a native of Chester, England. He holds a PhD in linguistics from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., and is a Professor of Linguistics. He has published numerous acclaimed popular science and technical books on language and linguistics. His popular science essays and articles have appeared in numerous venues including ‘The Guardian’, ‘Psychology Today’, ‘New York Post’, ‘New Scientist’, ‘Newsweek’ and ‘The New Republic’. His award-winning writing focuses, in one way or another, on the nature of language and mind, the impact of technology on language, and the future of communication. His science fiction work explores the status of language and digital communication technology as potential weapons of mass destruction.

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R&R Book Tours said…
Great review Cheryl!
Mystica said…
Not my genre but I did like your review.
Vyvyan Evans said…
Thanks for the nice review :) I'm glad you enjoyed The Babel Apocalypse. For your readers, it's worth noting the book is a genre-blending, dystopian, mystery-thriller that will make readers think about language in a whole new way.

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