Book Review: Legacy in Ruin


I moved home to make Declan, Luca and Kai pay for breaking my heart, then I learned the truth. What happened between us three years ago wasn’t about hurting me. It was about protecting me. Everything they did was to keep me safe from The Augury—an ancient order that had hunted me since birth, determined to bring back Luke with my blood.

I am a child of prophecy, created by Heaven’s own hand. Daughter of an angel and daemon and imbued with Hellfire while my mother was carrying me, there has never been another like me. From the moment I was born, one destiny has sat on my head like a crown—unite Earth, Heaven, and Hell, or forever break them.

Only, that destiny comes with a power I never knew because it had been cloaked to keep me safe. But when Declan, Luca, and Kai broke down my walls and reeled me back in, I found it. When Declan claimed my heart, he helped me find the power of my mortal bloodline, and now Luca is determined to not only help me find the power in my Fallen blood but take a piece of my heart for himself.

The Augury may be after me, but this existence dug its claws in me the moment I was born, and it’s time I drew a little blood of my own. Because they made a mistake. They came for those I love. And you come for my family, you better run because I won’t just come for you…I’ll bring the world to its knees.

Legacy in Ruin is a dark paranormal, why choose romance, meaning the FMC will gain multiple love interests over the course of the story. Each book is told in dual POV. It is the second book in the series and should be read after A Cursed Throne. It is intended for mature audiences and contains strong language and graphic sexual situations. TW’s include kidnapping, violence, murder, bondage, submission, spanking, control, possession, and blood play.

My Review

Furst off, you need to read A Cursed Throne prior to reading this book. Cursed and Legacy are meant to be read in chronological order. If you like me read the other two prior books about Nev's parents, then you really appreciate reading these books. I know I really have. 

After the cliffhanger of the first book, this one picks up fairly soon afterwards. Nev and Declan's love for one another is still very strong but there is another love interest in the picture. His name is Luca. Having Luca in the mix brings a new dynamic to the relationship between Nev, Declan, and Luca. Things got so much hotter. 

Not to be left out is the secret society, The Augury. There is so much mystery surrounding them. When something would be revealed, it was big. Just like the cliffhanger ending again in this book. I can't wait to see how this trilogy ends with book three. D.M. has become a fast favorite author of mine. 


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