Book Review: The Chase


They crashed and burned in the past, but The Chase is on again.

I grew up on the track, surrounded by race car drivers. I loved it.
But along with the good times came some really bad ones. So, I left that life behind and didn’t look back.
Until now.
I never thought I’d care enough about the family legacy to take control when my dad retired. But…I did
So now I’m in charge of a racing team that includes the man who kissed me, then ghosted me before that was even a thing. Sadly, he’s as sexy as ever.
But if he thinks my heart will be his next big win, he’s sorely mistaken.

I was worried when Frankie took over Mirabella Racing.
Not for the team. She could handle that. I was worried for me—the guy she hates.
Problem is, I don’t hate her. She’s…everything.
But in my line of work, relationships are complicated at best, dangerous at worst. Not to mention, now she’s my boss.
Even with all those red flags, I still can’t stop trying to charm my way into her bed.
She won’t make it easy. But I love a good chase…

My Review

I have read these books backwards by starting with book two. Yet, these books can be read as standalone books. Having now read both books, I have to say that this one is my favorite. Ooh, all the spicy goodness!

I forgot whatever Billie might have done to Frankie in the past. As they, were bringing the heat in the present. I do have to give it up to Frankie for trying her best to try and resist Billie. Every time that they were around each other, they could not keep their hands off one another. 

If I had read this book first, I can guarantee you that I definitely would have been hooked and wanted to read book two. I will be reading more of this author's books. 


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