Book Review: Fractured Faith


Two heirs willing to do whatever it takes to help their families. A man left behind, determined not to be forgotten. A tangle of fate none of them can escape.

Serafina DeSantis is brutal, bloodthirsty…and betrothed. She’s never cared for romance, and when her father asks her to marry Oisín Cavanaugh to secure both families’ futures, she doesn’t bat an eye. Her marriage is one of convenience. She never expected it to tilt her entire world on its axis.

Running from the gang war in Killrover, Oisín Cavanaugh finds himself in the DeSantis' home, hidden and newly married. He’s level-headed, determined, and devoted to his duty as heir to the Cavanaugh gang. He might have escaped death, but he can’t escape the love he left behind.

Sebastian Byrnes is the walking definition of stubborn and sarcastic and he refuses to let a broken heart stand in the way of what he wants. When Oisín returns to Ireland with a new wife by his side, Sebastian’s vision of a future with the man he loves crumbles.

As the DeSantis struggle to control the threat plaguing their streets, they have no choice but to harness their new alliance with the Cavanaughs. Oisín and Serafina prepare for war but Sebastian refuses to be left behind again. Ever.

My Review

After the cliffhanger of an ending in Broken Vows, i could not wait to read this book. Having Sebastian in the first book, I was excited to see him again in this one and find love like his sister. Only, this time he was a little more subdued. This is because his heart was the one on the line. 

Serafina and Oisín got thrown together due to their families. So, at first their chemistry was not as strong. In addition, to the fact that Oisin loved Sebastian. Yet, as Serafina and Oisin accepted their situation and spent more time with each other, the feelings for one another grew. Serafina also became accepting of Oisin and Sebastian's relationship to become a sexy MMF. 

This passage sums it up very nicely:

I've loved him for years.

I've known her for a day.

But I want them.

More than anything, I want them.


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