Book Review: Breathless Love


Breathless Love: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance (The Bennetts of Langston Falls Book 3)
By KG Fletcher @kellyf9393
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Road Trip

Close Proximity


Friends to Lovers

Small Town


He’s chasing his honky-tonk dreams. She’s Nashville songwriter royalty. Will a road trip together set them on a passionate course toward their hearts’ desire?

Being a country music star is Hank Bennett’s ultimate goal. But after his band breaks up, he’s at a crossroads pondering his fate between music and working on the family farm. Lonely, libated, and a little bit lost, he attends the hometown concert of his country music idol, Travis Miller.

But he never expected to cross paths with Travis’s gorgeous songwriting sister, Ella Mae.

She’s outgoing, easy to talk to, and has several music awards under her belted daisy dukes. There’s something magical and mesmerizing about a successful female artist penning chart-topping country love ballads, and he’s smitten.

When Ella invites Hank to join them on the road during the last three weeks of the exciting tour, these kindred spirits can’t fight their attraction anymore – and his chivalry and wooing antics pay off into a night of unforgettable passion. She’s unleashed something inside him, and he’s unlocking her desires one by one. But a small town musician wannabe like him has no place in Ella Mae’s thrilling tour life when her famous brother becomes jealous of their unmistakable duo.

Will their shared harmony lead Hank toward country music stardom? Or will the dark side of fame steer him off course, leaving him a heartbroken farmer?

Author’s Note: A steamy standalone about two musicians at a crossroads. One-click for a handsome, country-boy hero who likes to woo his woman, and a loyal, talented heroine starting to remember who she is outside of her famous brother’s shadow. Romantic add-ons include a charming family farm, hayloft serenades, outdoor sexy times in the mountains, and a happily ever after that will leave you breathless for days.

My Review

Hank is such a gentleman. With his manners. Yet, this does not mean he is all sweet. Nope, he is HOT too. A respectful man that is a wild man under the bedroom sheets...yes, please! Ella Mae's cheerful demeanor is so infectious. I would be her friend in real life. Travis may be older, but she came off as the older one due to her keeping him in line. 

Speaking of Travis, he may be a superstar, but he is down to earth. I like how he accepted Hank into his and Ella Mae's inner circle right away and was so supportive to him and his dream. 

If you love great storylines, engaging characters that will find a spot in your heart, and spicy romance, then you need to pick up a copy of Breathless Love by KG Fletcher! I had a tug and pull with this book as I wanted to read it so fast but at the same time, I wanted to savor every moment. 


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