Book Review: Attraction is an Asset


Jade Mohring gave herself a year to FA&FO.

But ever since she ducked around with drummer Damian, she’s had a hard time finding out how to not fall in love with the tattooed hottie.

Determined to stay free of consequences, commitment, and inevitable heartache (at least for seven more months), Jade takes her get in, get on, get off, and get out plan to the next level, pushing limits and figuring out just who she is and what she likes.

She’s all too happy to accept delivery of a special package from a blond man in a blue uniform. And since her recent fluff time with LaundroMan was interrupted, she’s elated to run into him again at his mechanic shop, where he and his brother introduce her to their large set of tools.

Wondering if her foray into bisexuality was a one-time thing, Jade’s both confused and titillated to find herself at one of Damian’s shows, flirting (and a lot more) with a hot girl in the dark bar. But just how far will she push herself to avoid falling for the one man she can’t have?

** This book features MF/MFM/FF and is the second in a five book series of WhyChoose/WhyNot short stories containing explicit, consensual encounters.

My Review

Jade is back and having even more spicer fun. She is not slowly down. While she is not looking to settle down, I was glad to see Damian again. I do feel a connection between them and hope to see him again and see how things progress between them. 

I like that Jade was open to all different romantic types with MF, MMF, and FF. It just shows that when you feel an attraction to someone, it does not judge. Jade is becoming bolder and learning more about her own body. Attraction is an Asset is like eating a Carolina Reaper Ghost Pepper, it will leave you burning hot!


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