Book Review: Broken Dreams, Beautiful Nightmare


A stalker. A killer. A virgin hero who will sacrifice himself to save the woman he loves.

FBI Special Skills Consultant Lathan Montgomery has a genetic anomaly that he uses to solve cold cases, but it forces him to live in seclusion. When he saves a woman from a roadside attack, instead of her presence causing him to lose control, she soothes him. For the first time in his life, he experiences love.

But someone is watching them and planning to make them both suffer.

Broken Dreams is the second book in Abbie Roads’ Beautiful Nightmare Series of dark romantic thrillers. It features a virgin hero who never thought he’d find love. If you devour true crime and romance novels then you’ll love a series that combines both in a roller-coaster ride of danger, mind games, and swoon worthy love.

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Trigger warning: Depictions of SA and violence.

Previously published under the title Hunt the Dawn

My Review:

I was in the mood for a dark, dark romantic psychological thriller. This book definitely hit the spot for me. The murders are gruesome, but the scenes are short and therefore, not a lot of details spent on the murders. So, those who can't handle too much gore may still want to check out this book. 

There was a nice balance between Lathan and the killer for the cat and mouse vibes. Lathan's unique ability to solve crimes is what really grabbed my interest and made me very excited about this book. In addition, to the fact that he is a loner/introvert for which I can relate to. 

There is a romantic connection between Lathan and the woman he saves. Yet, it was not the main focal point or took away from the storyline. It just enriched it. After reading this book, I want to go back and read book one, while I wait for book three. This book is a dark, twisted must read!


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