Book Review: Where Demons Hide


I am death.
She is life.

I am war.
She is peace.

I am disaster.
She is beauty.

She is my salvation.
I am her destruction.

Where Demons Hide is book three in the City of Sin trilogy. This is not a standalone. All books should be read in order.

My Review

This trilogy has gotten better and better with each book. I have to say that this final one is the best one. As they saying goes..." Saving the best for last"! It has been quite the roller coaster journey for Makenna and Callisto. Everything that these two have gone through together has only made them stronger as a couple. 

This book had so much going on with revenge and murder. Yet, Makenna and Callisto found time to still be intimate. I needed a tall, ice cold glass of water with these scenes. I was so invested in these two that I could not stop reading. This trilogy is a must read!


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