Book Review: Peel


Samantha was comfortable with her life of habit and routine.

Until her workaholic husband, Richard, returns home late cradling a mysterious pendant like a precious treasure. Now, the curious object is all he cares about.

His priorities, gone.

Her needs, dismissed.

Their marriage, thrown away.

Richard’s once loving demeanor is replaced by an icy indifference to everyone and everything.

Seeking answers, Samantha follows Richard into the basement, but something else was waiting for her down there in the dark…

My Review

This is a quick, scary, horror novella. It was just what I needed in between my dark romances. It is a story that could give you nightmares. Although, I slept like a baby, so I must have a bit of a dark side to me. In all honesty through, I was looking for a good horror story to read as the last several have been disappointments. After reading this short story, I do want to check out other books by this author. 

Couple, Samantha and Richard are a normal married couple until Richard comes home from a work trip. I do have to say that Richard is someone that I did not care about what happened to him. The creature in this story is one that I would not never want to come face to face with.


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