Book Review: The Destruction of Dahlias


With the flames of my past behind me, I spread my wings and fly.
Eternal scars stay etched into my bones, and I allow my former self to die.
Vivianna Finch no longer exists.
In her place is Vale Finley.
A new life, a new name, and a desperate attempt to heal my wounds.
Though, all the hiding in the world won’t keep Hades Gray away.
I war with the blood in my veins to stay away from the man who destroyed me.
It feels futile, until I meet Princeton Grant.
He’s a breath of fresh air in the stifling shadows of my life.
A whirlwind romance, which fills my heart and crushes my soul.
The devil always dresses in sheep’s clothing.
Yet, Hades Gray is never far away.
He’s ever-present, reminding me of what we were.
What we are.
I am his butterfly.
It takes the devil revealing himself for me to realize what I’ve lost.
What I’ve been searching for my entire life.
My home. My heart.
Hades Gray.

My Review

OMG. I am a fan of A.R. but this series is so amazing. This book really touched me in the heart.

I read this book so fast that I did not come up for air until I was finished. Oh, the agony and raw emotions I felt reading this book. Vi is grown up. It made me happy to see her surviving on her own and starting to put the pieces of her life back together after her family tragedy. 

I missed Hades and the other guys. Yet, this book was giving out other vibes. The few times that Hades did appear, I savored every scene of him and Vi together. Yet, I did love that this book was Vi's story. I am so ready for book three. 

This line from this book:

What I have with Hades is fire.

It's bound to burn


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