Book Review: Rebel Fighter



They told me I would amount to nothing.

They told me she would never be mine.

It took me 10 years, but I finally did it.

I’m finally back in my hometown

The place where she resides.

Her family are still controlling assholes, but they’ve never come up against someone like me.

I’ll fight to own her; body and soul. Whatever it takes


Ten years ago, he was just a young teenager fighting for his place in this world.

He grew up on the wrong side of the tracks

My family told me to keep my distance he was good for nothing

If only my heart would have listened.

The day he left is the day I felt my world ending, but now he’s back…

And he’s here for me.

I hope he knows he is going to have to fight to own me.

That’s right.

Most families let their children find love on their own… not mine.

To marry me… they must fight in an underground fight club and come out the winner.

What a fucked-up world we live in.

Especially because there’s one secret I’ve kept all these years.

My daughter… She belongs to Trevor

Disclaimer: This is a standalone within the Rockport Security Series that will have its own HEA. There is graphic violence, abuse, sexual content, and adult language.

My Review

The angst and heartache really had me hooked. The flashback chapters when Trevor and Emma were younger is what really pulled this story all together. While I am glad that Emma has Trevor, she is a fighter too. She may not have gotten to show it as much because of her father but when those moments would come out and she showed her feisty side, I would smile. 

Back to Trevor and Emma. Ooh, the chemistry that these two shared is so spicy. When it comes to Emma, Trevor brings out the possessive alpha and any man who dares to look at Emma is lucky to walk away alive. I look forward to continuing this series with book two. 


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