The Dutch Wife


My Review

This is the first book I have read from this author. Yet, I was drawn to this book due to the summary. I am a fan of this time period and have read many WWII books. Instantly, I was transported back in time. Ms. Keith breathed such life into the characters and the story. There are three main voices...Marijke, Karl, and Luciano. While, I liked Luciano; I just didn't feel as strongly as I did Marijke and Karl.

I would never wish anyone to be in a concentration camp. The deplorable living conditions if you can call them "liveable" are horrific. However, Marijke was a ray of sun shine and strength. She really helped the other girls to keep their spirits up. Where Karl is concerned, he was kind of the odd man out as well. He had too nice a nature to be an officer. Yet, his sweet attitude lended itself nicely to his and Marijke's relationship.

I like how this book was laided out with the alternating voices. It really did give me a chance to grow closely to the characters. Plus, all of the locations was like I took an international trip while reading this book. The Dutch Wife is not to be missed.


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