Angels of the Arch

Feeling and monitoring the Earth’s movements, observing and controlling the seasons, protecting and preserving the ozone layer and guarding the gates to the creation of gravity: these are all things that defy what we—the Unnoticed—have learned are possible. But in our world, hidden within our society, these abilities do exist, instilled in and bestowed upon individuals, forming what is known as the Theon Empire.

15-year-old Gabrielle Crowe is one of the Unnoticed: unaware of the fact that our Earth’s natural elements are manipulated and controlled. Unbeknownst to her, though, she is an Archangel, a governing being tasked with protecting the world from the kind of calamity that may cause severe destruction to our planet.

Faced with huge responsibility and sacrifice, Gabrielle has a choice to make. But will her hesitation be her downfall and put the lives of the people she loves at risk? Torn between the life she knows and a life of uncertainty, will Gabrielle stop the deaths of those around her and become the Archangel she is destined to be?

My Review

It took the first couple of chapters before I found my groove and really got into this book. I thought the author did a very good job of making this book relatable to all ages. While, the characters may be teens, they did not act like whiny teenagers. The fact that the main lead, Gabrielle is a female is awesome. Strong female leads rock.

I never would have guessed that Leo was from another dimension. Although, to be fair, he only re-appeared for a brief moment before he reappeared to safe Gabrielle. It is in Orix, where Gabrielle learns that she is an Archangel. Yet, not any Archangel but the Archangel of Water. Luckily, for Gabrielle she is mentored by Porgorikan and meets the other Archangels like Uriel, Archangel of Earth.

If you are in the mood to read a really awesome book, then, you need to pick up a copy of this book. You won't regret it. This book has a good storyline with interesting characters. A strong showing for the first book in this series. Which, I am sure is guaranteed to bring more action in the next book. I look forward to seeing Gabrielle grow stronger with her powers as well as getting to know the other Archangels better.  
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