The Sleeping Lady

Thirty-five-year-old Rae Sullivan owns a thriving home décor shop in the San Francisco Bay area, near majestic Mt. Tamalpais (to locals, The Sleeping Lady). But when her business partner, Thalia, confides that she has a lover in France, Rae’s comfortable life starts to unravel. Soon, an anonymous note-writer threatens to reveal the affair, and Thalia—who, unswayed by Rae’s warnings, insists on confronting the blackmailer—turns up dead in Golden Gate Park.

The police, convinced the crime was a random mugging, are dismissive of Rae’s story of blackmail. Then a scandal from Rae’s past job comes to light, and the police start to eye her as a suspect. To clear her reputation and ensure justice for Thalia, Rae decides it’s up to her to unmask the murderer—despite her husband’s objections.

Rae’s sleuthing leads her to France, where she enlists the help of Thalia’s handsome half brother. As they collaborate to catch the killer, sparks fly between them, and Rae has to contend with these newly aroused feelings—even as she strives to outmaneuver a cold-blooded murderer who wants to silence her.

My Review

Ok, so to be honest, most of the characters were not really that intelligent in solving the case but really it was not the intellect that won me over with this book but the characters themselves. They were charming and a little eccentric. Just the way I like my characters in cozy mysteries.

Rae is the main lead. She held this position nicely. She is the one that really helped to follow all of the clues and solve the case. Yet, not to be outdone; I too solved the case. I solved it before the author revealed it. Excited with no disappointment in how the story ended. Rae is such a delight and she got bolder as the story went on. I hope that she makes another appearance in the future. I would love to see her solving another case. Don't let the title of this book deceive you as there is no "sleeping" with this book. Instead you will be laughing and having an enjoyable time reading The Sleeping Lady.

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