The Kabbalah Master

Sharon Berg, a middle-aged divorcee with two children has gainful employment working overtime for the mysterious Rabbi Joachim, spiritual director of the Center for Mystical Judaism. Set in Coney Island, Sharon’s efforts at making a life for herself and her children take readers on a journey though Hasidism as it exists today including its schools for children and the fundamentalist characters that run them. When the Rabbi travels to Israel on a mission, and fails to return, Sharon must confront difficult choices and herself.

My Review

I am not that familiar with Judaism. However, you don't have to be familiar to read this book. I like Sharon. She has a charm about her as well as a nice personality. Where Rabbi Joachim is concerned; I thought he was very dedicated to his job. You could feel how passionate he is about his role.

Yeah, I could understand Sharon's feelings towards Rabbi Joachim. There was nothing too scandalous about it featured in this book. However, it does kind of play a role in Sharon's decisions for her life.

While, I did like the characters I found myself disconnected some from the story. Religion does play a part in the overall story. This is where a bit of my disconnect came from. Because I don't really understand this type of religion. Yet, the real issue was that I was not feeling the story as too interesting. I did finish this book. This book is worth a look and cracking the pages open.


petite said…
This book interests me greatly and sounds wonderful. Being Jewish it resonates with me.

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