Manifesting Me

When Leah Reinhart was six years old her family moved to an unlikely neighborhood on a hill much like the country—a place where everyone dressed and lived like they were living a real-life Little House on the Prairie. Yet their new home was in Oakland, California, and everything surrounding Leah’s neighborhood was the polar opposite of their old-fashioned lifestyle. As an already scared little white girl, Leah quickly learned that she would have to learn to face many of her fears in this new town, or she would get eaten alive. But in her search for acceptance, she unknowingly joined a cult—and she spent much of her life afterward trying to break free of the damaging patterns she was taught there.  

My Review

Mrs. Reinhart starts out with her son asking why anyone would read her book as she is not famous. Mrs. Reinhart replies because everyone had a unique story. She is right. Everyone does have a story to tell. I am glad that Leah decided to share her story with the world.

Moving to a new neighborhood and making new friends is hard. I can remember growing up and there was only about two real good kids in my neighborhood that I had as friends. I had others from school but not many either due to my nationality. Other kids would make fun of me and I was teased. So it was not hard to see how Lean could fall into the cult life.

Leah really did share enough about her life growing up and being in a cult that I felt like I was satisfied. You want this feeling when you are reading any type of non fiction book, memoir, or biography. I am glad that Leah was able to find her way out of this lifestyle and have her happy ending. Anyone who was previously in a cult or looking for a good book to read should check this one out.

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Keep up the great work.

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