FBI neuroscientist Sayer Altair hunts for evil in the deepest recesses of the human mind. Still reeling from the death of her fiance, she wants nothing more than to focus on her research into the brains of serial killers. But when the Washington D.C. police stumble upon a gruesome murder scene involving a girl who'd been slowly starved to death while held captive in a cage, Sayer is called in to lead the investigation. When the victim is identified as the daughter of a high profile senator, Sayer is thrust into the spotlight.

As public pressure mounts, she discovers that another girl has been taken and is teetering on the brink of death. With evidence unraveling around her, Sayer races to save the second victim but soon realizes that they are hunting a killer with a dangerous obsession...a killer who is closer than she thought.

My Review

Power duo FBI Special Agent Sayer Altair and FBI Agent Vik Devereaux are great together. They have a great working relationship. Sayer is a strong woman, who Vik respects. Yet, they are not the only ones. They have other members of their team that help them as well.

The characters were only made stronger by the storyline. A refreshing plot. In fact, I never saw the twist coming until it came. Once it was revealed I had to pause a moment as I took it all in and I think even pick my jaw up off the floor.

OMG! I just finished reading this book. If you don't have this book on your wish list than you need to add it now. I was "caged" in my seat by this book! As if you can't tell but I thoroughly enjoyed this book a lot. I can't wait to see what author, Ellison Cooper comes out with next.

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