Midnight with Diane Shute

As far as Alix is concerned, she has no past only today, and her plans for the future: creating a dynamic stable of Thoroughbreds that will take the 1830s British racing world by storm. When forced into assuming the role of Lord Griffon's wife in London, her plans are threatened by disturbing images of a castle from her past that fight to resurface. Alix is determined to find a way to take control of her life and fulfill her dreams. This women's historical fiction novel is the first in the Midnight Series."

My Review

I really enjoyed the time period for this book. As a horse lover, I am always happy to see horses in a book. Alix is no wilting flower. Unlike her sister, Lily, who is spoiled and not warm or personable. Alix came out right away with spunk. Someone else that did not let Alix get away with her attitude is maid, Jenny. She pushed back. I was not sure through about her attitude and if I liked her. By the end of the book I could not get enough of her and Alix and her were good friends.

When it came to keeping the "secret" of the switch between Lily and Alix, it was not a good kept secret. This goes back to the fact that Alix and Lily are so different and act differently as well. Nicholas figured out the switch pretty early on. Yet, you could say that he didn't mind the change as he had feelings for Alix. Real ones that I don't think he has experienced in a long time with Lily.

While, I did enjoy this book; there were times in the story where I was easily distracted. I would have liked to have stayed focused throughout the story. Overall, my feelings for this book were good enough that I wanted to continue on with book two.

When Quenton wants to take Alix home to France after years of exile in England, she is torn between the restoration of her fortune and her dream to build her Sterling Wood Stable into a successful racing business. She finds an unlikely friend in her uncle’s companion, Nicholas Griffon. Caught by her surprising fondness for him, Alix does not realize shadows from the past are stalking her―until she’s trapped by their darkness.

My Review

This time around I did find myself enjoying this book more. The relationship that I had started to form from the first book was stronger. Alix is still Alix. Yet, I am happy to see her focus with the horses is more of the focal point. There is no more hiding and trying to be a "proper lady". Nicholas is warm and inviting. I was glad to see that he sided with Alix. Jenny is back as well. She brings the light to the story. Someone that I did not mention in my review from the first book is Alix's Uncle Quenton. He is a fun character. He might be right up there as a tie for favorite with Alix. Plus, I can guarantee to get some laughs when he is around.

Due to the fact that I enjoyed the characters so much, I was able to read a bit faster. I do want to recommend that you read the first book, After Midnight. If you have not read the first book than you may get lost jumping into this book. It does not take place instantly after the first one but a lot of what transpires in this book is an outcome of the events in the prior book. Some of the growing pains I had with the first book were improved upon in this book.  


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