From award winning TV Producer Andréa Fehsenfeld, this electric, multilayered thriller will keep you guessing until the end.

Accountant by day, pyromaniac at night, for years Damien Hester has sought release from his troubled past through flame and fire. So far, he's managed to stay one step ahead of the law. But when he ignites something beyond his control, his carefully constructed world comes crashing down and the consequences are far reaching. Now on the run, his path takes an unpredictable turn in New Mexico and he finds himself on a mysterious cult compound. Where nothing and no one is what it seems, Damien doesn’t know who to trust and gets caught between two feuding members – Addy, a beautiful follower and Garrett, the enigmatic leader – who believe Damien is the missing link they’ve been waiting for…for very different reasons.

As murky agendas are exposed and pressure from the outside world threatens, loyalties shift, secrets unravel and when destinies start to collide, the fallout is an explosive tipping point none of them anticipate.

My Review

I appreciate the author's insight into her knowledge of cult life. From what I have read I several books about cult life; it is a very scary lifestyle. It is easy to see how people can get caught up and before they know it trying to find themselves getting out.

This book started out fine. Damien did seem like a lost soul. I was feeling for him. However, this feeling did not last long. The same went towards Addy as well. She didn't peak my interest to get to know her well. The outcome was lacking for me. Which in turn made reading this book a struggle. The lack of character engagement brought the story down as well. This is sad as I do feel like there Is something there; it just didn't resonate with me. However I am in the minority so try this book out for yourself.

Author Andréa Fehsenfeld knows a thing or two about cults. Her own teen experience with one on the Hawaiian Islands has fueled a lifelong interest in them. She also knows well the power of a riveting story. After all, she’s a successful TV producer with more than 180 TV commercials, series and movies to her credit.

And she’s channeled all that experience into Completion, a suspense-filled thriller where the unexpected lights a fire on every page. 
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