William Hawk is lying in a pod, peering through its translucent cover and watching a series of images from the parallax flicker on the ceiling above him. The last image he sees is of a tropical field... Suddenly, his pod is gone, and he finds himself in that field, in the body of an ancient Mayan who's being hunted by Spanish conquistadors. For the next 500 breaths, William will literally live in the skin-and experience the peril-of another person from another time. Part of a five-person team organized by the Ancient Engineer, William is charged with learning empathy and compassion during these brief "snaps," or tag-alongs.

Living in a different person's body and in a different era in time with each one, William and the others -including the girl he loves, Grace-take another step closer to achieving Change Agent 3 status. By doing so they receive enlightenment and are granted superhuman powers they could use to change the world for the better. But there's a catch: in this prequel to Ignition, the first book in the William Hawk Series, Change Agents can advance to Level Three only as a team, and one of them, Hunter, has other plans. Whether he's assumed the form of a sword-wielding conquistador or the evil humanoid known as Little Horn, Hunter is intent on preventing the others from surviving-let alone completing-the tag-alongs and carrying out the Ancient Engineer's grand plans.

My Review

If you have not read the prior novel, Ignition than I would not recommend you start with this book. There is a lot of back story that you will greatly miss and thus be confused with this book. Don't despair however as Ignition is also a great read.

This book is geared towards young adult readers but I would recommend that the more mature audience read this book. Hunter is really into decapitation and there is a scene of attempted rape. Neither are gone into with details but again a mature audience who can understand is preferred.

Speaking of Hunter. His and William's relationship went to new levels with Hunter trying to kill William. The battle between them will come to a head. I can't wait to read the next book and see how the crew handles what comes to them next.


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