The Day I Lost You

You only let her go for a second… Now she’s gone.
Erika Rice is in an elevator with her four-year-old daughter Alice when all the lights go out. It jerks to a stop on a deserted floor of apartments and the little girl runs out into the corridor.

But before Erika can follow her the doors slam shut again. Now her daughter is nowhere to be seen.

Erika was about to take Alice away for a fresh start, far from her troubled past, when the child vanished. How could a four-year-old disappear into thin air?

And with no one to help her, will Erika ever find her daughter?

My Review

I have mixed feelings about this book. Mostly all good. It is just that I wanted the wow factor to be amped up just a few more notches. In the last few pages of the book, it had me wide awake and in shock. If I had gotten a bit more of that, I could have been happier. Yet, I was still happy with this book.

Erika started out like a lamb but turned into a lion as the story progressed. She was truly a mother fighting to find her daughter. She had that "mom" strength. The one that you don't want to face if you get in a mother's way. The cast of other characters were not as strong as Erika and therefore this is where that intensity was lacking.

The tone of this book is more of a subtle psychological thriller. It does build up the further you get into the story. I am looking forward to seeing what Mr. Sinclair comes out with next. 


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