Bash and Lucy Fetch Team: Vera and the Dream Beasts

Sensitive Bash gets grumpy and disruptive when his life is too bright, too loud, too smelly, or too busy. He counts on his dog, Lucy, to help keep him calm. But Lucy has become a local superstar because she's a soccer coach who barks, wags and kisses Bash's team to victory. Now, all the kids want Lucy to coach their teams, especially Paula, Bash's girl-power cousin. Paula says her soccer team has the right to take Lucy away from Bash because girls deserve the very best canine coaches under Title IX. How can Bash show he respects the girls' rights while keeping dear Lucy by his side? This chapter book features dream beasts designed by Michael Cohn, age 9.

My Review

This is a cute book. Young readers will enjoy Lucy, the Golden Retriever. I know I sure did. She is awesome. That is why Bash and Paula both wanted her so bad. I understood Paula's reasons for wanting Lucy for her girl's team but I felt like there was a better way to go about sharing Lucy. Girl empowerment is very important but it seemed to be portrayed wrong in this book. Paula felt that she could use this reason as "entitlement" for Lucy with no thoughts about how this would make Bash feel.

For young readers, this is not the best example. While everything turned out right in the end; it still was not right. Adults will have to have discussions with their children on this book so that they understand at is right. As I said before through, this is a nice read that young readers will like.


Unknown said…
Thanks for your review of our book! It is true that Paula takes a very militant stance. Ally, the librarian,
mayor and dancer is another girl-power character in the book and she leads in a different way. She’s more likely to have people try to work together. In fact, she suggests to Bash that he try to talk to Paula. We hope that the different female examples show different ways to ensure girls have equal rights.

We do hope the book sparks discussion!

Thanks again!

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