Law and Vengeance

Papantonio takes on the arms industry. After a whistleblower comes forward to defend a soldier wrongfully charged with murder, the attorneys at Bergman-Deketomis realize they have a class action suit on their hands. But what seems like a regular torts case snowballs as witnesses start disappearing during the discovery process. Soon Bergman-Deketomis attorney Gina Romano finds herself in the crosshairs following an “accident” that killed her best friend and former lover, and put her in the hospital. Galvanized to take the lead in the legal case, she puts her own pain aside to seek justice. Her daring two-pronged strategy could win the case—or reap deadly consequences as she’s plunged into a world with no rules.
My Review

Mr. Papantonio brings the intensity. Both in his characters and with the strong showing called a storyline. Deke from Law and Disorder is back. I really enjoyed getting to know and see Deke in action. Yet, this time it was more about Gina Romano. As Gina would say "She is a Jersey girl". You don't mess with people from Jersey. You can knock Gina down but you can't keep her down. It shows when an attempt is made on her life and she comes back swinging ten times stronger and more focused. 

As I stated previously, that there is a lot of action. This helped to keep the story moving. Yet, from reading Law and Disorder, I would have not expected anything less from Mr. Papantonio. Mr. Papantonio talks about how he wanted to show how female criminal lawyers endure more challenges than their male counterparts. Example: Women are more focused on finding that balance between family/relationship/personal life and career. I thought Mr. Papantonio did a good job of showing that contrast in a nice way with Gina. Yet, Gina may be the lead but she did have some male counterparts to help her. They were not lesser but an asset to Gina. The ending did end on a high note with no weak ending. Law and Vengeance will have you calling yourself a fan of Mr. Papantonio.

MIKE PAPANTONIO is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Ring of Fire with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Sam Seder. He also hosts America’s Lawyer on the RT America network and has appeared as a political commentator on MSNBC, Free Speech TV, RT America Network and Fox News. He is a senior partner at Levin Papantonio, one of the nation’s largest plaintiff law firms. Elected in 2012 as president of the National Trial Lawyers Association, Papantonio has received numerous awards for his legal work and was one of the youngest attorneys inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. He is the author of numerous books, including the legal thriller Law and Disorder, and a co-author of the New York Times political bestseller Air America: The Playbook.


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