Among the Survivors

Raised by a single mother who falsely claimed to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor in order to emigrate from post-war Germany to New York City, twenty-one-year old Karla Most falls in love with Saxton Perry, a virtual prince thirty years her senior. But once Karla successfully entices Sax, she has no idea how to live happily ever after. To overcome her inherited sense of guilt and inauthenticity, Karla must morph from victim to victor.

My Review
I fell into an easy motion reading this book. Karla was easy to get to know. Her enthusiasm for fine art was great. I found myself wanting to research more into the art world. Although, this book was not just about art but about finding one's self, relationship, and family.

Karla may not have really cared for her mother or really the "lies" that she told but all of the things she did were ingrained into Karla. For example, Karla only wears the color black. This was all her mother dressed her in and there was a point as a young girl that Karla thought about dressing in other colors of the rainbow but now as an adult it is the only color she will wear. Yet, at the same time Karla would rub on my nerves at times with her self doubt. It would take over. Karla found a good guy in Sax. He may be her senior but he was caring and attentive to Karla. Among the Survivors is a pleasant read.


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