Blood Loss

Karina and LiAnn worked hard to put the awful memories behind them of the nightmare they walked into at The Magnolia and all the death and destruction caused by the former owners. As they settled into their new roles as managers of the upscale independent living facility, LiAnn reconnects with her true love and Karina continues to explore the new relationship with a sexy cowboy named Bo.
Each are haunted by the atrocities committed at The Magnolia and how close Karina came to dying at the hands of mafia monsters. With the help of her mother, beloved grandparents, new job, an enormous dog, and a hunky, younger man to keep her mind occupied, Karina lets her guard down, naively assuming the worst is over for her family.
Unfortunately, she’s wrong.

When one of the elderly residents of The Magnolia reveals the truth about a shady past, the entire Tuck family find themselves embroiled in one of Arkansas’s most notorious mysteries from 1957. The disappearance of a beloved attorney and her young charge was never solved, bodies never found, and even after over 60 years, Karina and LiAnn discover there are still those who intend to keep it that way.

My Review

I was kind of expecting and hoping for this book to be a bit scary. In fact, it was lacking in suspense. Yet, what kept me staying with this book until the end were the characters. The residents of the Magnolia, Karina, LiAnn, their parents, and Gram. It was for the characters that were intriguing that it was like I was part of this family. As far as the story was involved, it was fine.

Just like the author's, this was the first time that I heard the name Maud Robinson Crawford. Maud is who this story is loosely based on. In real life she disappeared and her case has not been solved. Which, as this story is a "what if", Maud's case was solved, I felt like the authors could have dressed up the story a bit more. The case as told by the residents of Magnolia was slow and not a lot of action happening. Although, the authors did fine wrapping up the story in the end.

Here is an article link about Maud as provided by the authors.


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