The Rich Girls Club

Morgan Childs is part of a group known as the Rich Girls Club. She and her three good friends are members of the club. Morgan wants to do something really impressive. She comes up with the idea of having her friend, Brooks run for governor. It is time for a woman to be in office. Brooks is not sure she wants to have all of her dirty laundry aired out in public. Morgan has a sure fire plan. She and the other ladies will get in bed with the competitation. They will blackmail the others. It all sounds good until things get ugly amd someone goes after Brooks.

I have niot read a book by HoneyB. However I am a fan of erotic novels. I was a little taken back at first be the crude language that the women spoke in this book. They were just free about what they said. I know that women talk and poke fun at men and their girth but wow. I have not spoken like this before. Once I got over this, I found this bok to be a pretty good one. Again as much as I know what I am getting when I read an erotic novel, I do want the story line to be a good line and there has to be a limit to some extent on the sex. I don't want to read in every chapter abuot all of the women doing it with a different guy all the time. Must say though that if you wanted some ideas of the different types of sex and some sex toys then this book has it.

So if you strip away the language and the over use of sex then you have a good book. All of the women protrayed in this book are strong, independant, smart women. Did think it was a little insentative of Morgan to act the way she did when the tables were turned on her. For me all of the women kind of became the same for me. No one really brought anything interesting to teh story for me. Maybe Brooks a little because she did worry about her norals. Overall I spent more time kind of glossing over this book then I did really reading it. Do have to give it up for women power.


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