Marion Flint has lived a good life. As she gets ready to settle down and have a quiet life, she starts thinking about her life and her memories. She decides it is time to gather all of her memories so that she can become whole.

Ike has gone attached to Marion. He visits her every Thursday. When Ike misses one of their visits, Marion finds him beaten. She takes him home with her. She gets the idea to have Ike help her with her memories. Together they take a journey that will bring them closer together then ever before.

I liked this book however I was not in love with it. The beginning did start out slow for me. I found Marion to be flat and uninteresting in the present. However, the past is what made this book for me. This is because the mystery surrounding who Marion was as a child and what she is suppressing from her memory had me intrigued. Whenever the story would go back to the present it seemed like it stalled and got slow again. There were a few times that I had to skim the pages to get back to the past faster.

As the story progressed I quickly put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and knew how it was going to end. While I did know the ending, I was still happy about it. There was not a lot of romance between Marion and her lover. To be honest I was glad about this. It would have distracted me from the story. I thought this book was a nice introduction to Linda Olsson and her books.


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