Lifesaving Lessons:Notes from an Accidental Mother

The only reason that I am familiar with Linda is because of the movie, The Perfect Storm. Other then this little fact, I am not that familiar with Linda. In Lifesaving Lessons, I got a brief over view of Linda and how she got started in the business. I think she is a good woman. She has earned her respect. It is not easy to find a good balance of tough and yet still being a woman. I could see how Linda struggled at first with the idea of suddenly becoming a mother. Not only a mother but a mother to a teenager. At least when Linda is on the boat she does not have to worry about the sea creatures talking back to her or going over on their minutes due to texting.

While I could understand why Mariah was rude towards Linda in the beginning, I still thought it was not called for. Linda was just trying to be nice and help teach Mariah how to work hard. What Linda had Mariah doing on the fishing boat was not bad. I knew how the phone call was going to go when Linda learned the truth about Mariah and she called her mother to inform her. Still I was hoping that Mariah's mother would have reacted better. Mariah ended up with a better "mom" in Linda. Again glad that Linda stepped in to care for Mariah but this is not a book where you will learn any valuable lessons on how to become a mom or better parent. This is just Linda's story of how she became a mom. I am glad that the details of what happened to Mariah was briefly hinted at and not gone into detail.


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