The Crooked Branch is a worth while read!

Majella has just become a new mother. She is going through more then just postpartum depression. She is having dreams about her new born daughter being dead. She worries as mental illness does run in her family heritage. She especially worries when she find a diary in the attic from one of her relatives, Ginny.

Ginny lives in Ireland. A time when the famine was really bad for families. It was fight or perish. Ginny was willing to do anything to survive. How far would she go?

My favorite part of this book was Ginny’s story. If this book had been just about Ginny and her children then this would have been a perfect book and I would have given it 5 stars. However, I still enjoyed this book. Why I liked Ginny’s story so much better was because of her strong determination and love for her children. Also, she had a great story to tell. I was enriched in history. Also, I admit that I have always been fascinated with stories of Ireland. I hope to go there someday for a visit.

The reason that I was turned off by Majella’s story in the present tense was because I felt that Majella was really mean spirited towards her husband and whiny. These attributes of Majella quickly turned me off towards her. I even found myself skipping chapters that involved her, just so that I could get back to Ginny’s story. The Crooked Branch is a worth while read!


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