Ben Mercy is the newest bounty hunter to join the King Fugitive Apprehension aka KFA. His first official mission is to track down and stop the number one fugitive. Ben is joined by another bounty hunter named Wolf.

Zoey Cortez’s father is a mean man. When Zoey first meets Ben, she is literally swept off her feet. The more time that Zoey spends with Ben the harder she is falling for him.

Hot Pursuit is the last book in the Bounty Hunter series. I have enjoyed reading this series. While I would not want to be pursued by a bounty hunter, I would not might being the love interest for one. Shush, just don’t tell my husband.

To be honest, while this book was not my favorite, it was alright. For me I liked both Ben and Wolf for different reasons. The perfect guy would have been someone that had Ben’s personality but with Wolf’s insatiable, sexual desire.

The story seemed a little lop-sided. In regards to there was more romance then I thought suspense. It seemed to take forever for Wolf and Ben to track down their intended target. The ending leads that maybe there might be another book in the long future. However, I am excited to see what Lorie comes up with next.

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