Losing It is a fun, charming book from author, Cora Carmack.

Bliss is about to graduate college. She has one thing more important then graduating on her mind and that is losing her virginity. Yep, Bliss is a virgin. She and her friend hit the club scene. Just as Bliss is about to call it a night she meets a guy. She and he hit it off right away. They head back to Bliss's place. Only at the last moment Bliss gets cold feet. She leaves the guy naked in her bed and rushs out the door with an excuse about her cat. Thinking she can put this horrible moment away, Bliss discovers that the guy in her bed is her new professor.

Losing It is a fun, charming book from author, Cora Carmack. From the moment that I met Bliss I could not help but fall in love with her. She was a sweetheart, a bit ditzy, a good friend, and she is a happy drunk. However I would give Bliss one wiord of advice..."Don't play poker". She is a lousy lier. Although I must admit it was kind of funny watching Bliss try to get herself out of the stick situation she found herself in when she had to explain why she left Garrick lying in bed naked. I mean who really comes up with the excuse that they have to go pick up their cat at the vet's. Oh and it is a 24 hour vet, so duh like they are open at midnight. So glad that Garrick did not fall for this excuse otherwise I would have had to take away some of the brownie points that I gave him.

Some other fun moments that I had with Bliss was when she randomly broke out in spontaneous dance. It would be like the dance scene from the movie "The Breakfast Club". It was easier to find Garrick attractive and see the connection between him and Bliss because he was not that much older then her. So it was not like a Mrs. Robinson type relationship. I was glad to see that Bliss's male friend, Cade is featured in the next book, Faking It. He deserves to have his own story.    


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