Heart Like Mine is a most definite must read book!

Grace has had bad luck when it came to dating men. It seems however that her luck changed when she met Victor. Victor is a gentleman. Grace is falling hard for Victor. So much that she is willing to consider settling down with him and becoming a step mom to his two children, Max and Ava. Luckily for Grace Max and Ava live with their mother, Kelli.

Grace’s world gets turned upside down when Kelli unexpectedly dies. Now Grace must quickly step up and learn to be mom.

I have never read any books by this author. However, after reading this book I would put Amy up there with Jodi Picoult. Heart Like Mine is a most definite must read book!

I liked the back and forth voices of the three women involved in this book. I was able to step into each of their shoes and see and feel what they were feeling and experiencing. If I had to pick a favorite I would not be able to as I could relate to all of them.

I read the questions in the back of the book for discussion there was one question that I found interesting and that was “Heart Like Mine is narrated by the three women in Victor’s life-but we never hear from him directly. As a group, discuss your impressions of Victor. How does each narrator present a different side of him?”

So I will attempt to answer this question. In regards to Victor and him not really having a voice in this book, I thought that he was a kind guy that really loved his family. This is saying something when an author can still draw me the reader into a character that may be secondary in the story and has little interaction throughout the book. To answer the second part of the question about how does each narrator present a different side of Victor, I found that his daughter, Ava loved her father but felt he did not really understand her and what she was going through with the loss of her mother. He could not really cope with the stress.

Grace on the other hand portrayed Victor as the man she loved but wished he would let her be more of his equal. She kind of got brushed aside in the beginning when Victor was dealing with his children and did not lean on Grace for support.

Kelli portrayed Victor as her escape from her past life. He was her protector. Her perfect life that she had made up and worked so hard for all came crashing down when they divorced.


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