Don't wait Six Years to read this book. Pick up a copy now and read what all the hype is about.

Jake Fisher fell in love with a woman named Natalie. Only she married another man. She made Jake promise to not look for her and just forget her. That was six years ago. If it was not for the death notices in the newspaper then Jake may have kept his promise longer. Jake sees his chance to get with Natalie again when he reads that her husband has died. Jake decides to attend the funeral. Funny thing is that the widower is not Natalie. Things quickly spiral out of control. Jake is now on a wild goose chase to find Natalie.

It has been a while since I had read a book by Mr. Coben. Mr. Coben's newest book, Six Years appealed to me so I decided to check it out. Now after reading this book, I will not let the time elapse as long between books. I kept getting pulled into this book moe and more the further along I got. I was just as puzzled as Jake about what happened to Natalie and just who really is she. I can not imagine knowing someone and falling in love with them only to learn that everything you though you knew about them was a lie.

Jake is not really a good lier. However he has a good heart. It is kind of hard to not fall for Jake. Especially with such devotion and love for Natalie. Each person that Jake encountered in this story just seemed to add to the complexity of the overall story. I liked this. It helped to add to the intensity. The ending was a good one. It ended on a high note.

I read that this book is going to be turned into a movie starring Hugh Jackman as Jake. I can kind of picture Hugh as being Jake. I will just have to wait and see how he actually does. The only reason that I am not 100% sure is because Jake while likeable is somewhat ditzy and I don't really see Hugh as this type. However if done right this will be a good movie. Don't wait Six Years to read this book. Pick up a copy now and read what all the hype is about.  


Marce said…
HarlanC is on my author must try list, I have been given recommendations but this looks like another. He obviously is a great author and the genre I love so I need to get on it.

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