Free book opportunity

Wait, you’re giving us a FREE full-priced book and all I need to do is buy one for 0.99? Isn’t that backwards?

Maybe. But I’m hoping that since you love Lucy so much, you’ll be willing to share her with your friends AND that you’ll click HERE to join the new Thrillers with Heart Goodreads group.

Want to really thank me? Tell all your friends about the deal—and ask them to join the Thrillers with Heart Goodreads group as well!

Let’s honor the memory of Paul and share the books we love with the world.

Again, here’s how it works:

1. Buy SNAKE SKIN at the special sale price of 0.99 (feel free to Gift It!) Click HERE for BN or HERE for Amazon BEFORE midnight EST, Friday, March 15th

2. Email me a copy of your receipt for SNAKE SKIN to BEFORE midnight EST, Friday, March 15th and tell me which FREE reader appreciation gift book you want: NERVES OF STEEL or BLOOD STAINED

3. Share with your thriller-loving friends!

Note: All gift books will be through and (US) so if you can’t receive a gift book via those stores, please indicate that in your email and we’ll find another way. Offer applies only to receipts received before midnight EST on Friday, March 15th


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