Ghana Must Go

Dr. Kweku Sai was a well known surgeon. With his death, his family gathers together from everywhere for his funeral. The family reminiscences about the past as well as themselves and the family.

This is one of those types of books that is not something that I would typically pick up right away and read but I am very open to trying new genres and discovering new authors.

Ms. Selasi has a tranquil writing style about her. This book starts out with the death of Dr. Sai. Even as Sai is dying he is thinking of others. Like for example he dies barefooted because he does not want to go back into the room and disturb his wife, who is sleeping.

The first third of the book is then about who Dr. Sai was as both a doctor and person. There are flashbacks to the past and present. Each moment getting the reader closer to Sai’s impending death. The rest of the book is told from each of the family member’s stories. I tried to stick with the book then as I did like what the author had going for her with this book. I could see something good from it but I could not connect with any of the characters. The only person that I found the least bit interesting was Sai and he was dead. However even with the tranquil writing style, I did find that this book moved along fairly quickly. This book did not hit the spot for me but I would try this author again in the future.


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